Mrs. Melton's First Grade

Word Wall Words

Each week we will have a list of high frequency words that correspond to our stories for the week.  Students will be expected to be able to recognize these words by sight and be able to read them fluently.  Students will be tested on these and the words from the previous week on Fridays. The words for the year will be posted here.  Words we are currently working on will be in red.  Words from the previous week will be in blue and will be included on the test given on Friday.


Mac the Cat:

go, the, on


A Day at School:

and, here, jump, not, too, we


Pigs in a Rig:

a, find, have, one, to, who


A Party for Bob:

five, four, in, once, three, two, upon, what


The Bunnies and the Fox:

do, for, I, is, me, my, said, you


A Surprise for Zig Bug:

are, away, does, he, live, pull, they, where



animal, bird, cold, fall, flower, full, look, of, see


Miss Jill’s Ice Cream Shop:

all, call, eat, every, first, never, paper, shall, why


At the Aquarium:

also, blue, brown, color, funny, green, like, many, some


Go Away, Otto!:

children, come, family, father, love, mother, people, picture, your


Two Best Friends:

friend, girl, know, play, read, she, sing, today, write


Dog School:

car, down, hear, hold, hurt, learn, their, walk, would


Moving Day:

grow, light, long, more, other, right, room, small, these


Me on the Map:

could, house, how, over, own, so, would


The Kite:

fly, give, good, her, little, our, try, was


The Sleeping Pig:

by, climb, found, morning, out, shout, show


EEK! There’s a Mouse in the House:

cow, door, horse, now, table, there, through, wall


Red-Eyed Tree Frog:

been, evening, far, forest, goes, hungry, near, soon


That Toad Is mine!:

again, both, gone, hard, or, turn, want



afraid, any, bear, follow, idea, most, tall, water


If You Give a Pig a Pancake:

build, old, piece, shoe, start, under, very, wear


The Forest:

about, because, draw, happy, part, teacher, tiny



always, arms, body, eight, ready, seven, warm


Johnny Appleseed:

butter, carry, kind, person, put, saw, were, work


When I am old with You:

around, dance, else, ever, ocean, open, talk, though


The New Friend:

after, before, buy, done, off, pretty, school, wash


The Surprise Family:

baby, edge, enough, garden, only, sharp, together, watched


Two Greedy Bears:

began, break, divide, head, laugh, second, sure


Fireflies for Nathan:

above, against, already, begin, caught, minute


The Hat:

able, eye, present, thoughts